Nordic premium streaming service.

Product Designer | Big Screen Evangelist

Current engagement

Rent and buy movies online.

Product Designer | iOS & TvOS

Private pension savings with a new approach focusing on consumption.

Product Designer | Startup project

6 Week project aiming to find a way to make reading the news something for the Millennials. Swipe to keep clean.

Product Designer | Hyper Island project

Video Platforms for every business.

Product Designer | B2B projects

A daily reminder of the truth of time, now is the only time we have.

Co-founder & Head of design

The Cornelsen Publishing is a German educational publisher that offers educational media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

UI/UX Designer | POC project

TaskRunner allows you to locate people in your local area to complete tasks that you simply do not have time for, giving you more freedom throughout the day

UI/UX Designer | Hyper Island project

4 Week project redesigning a beloved application, finding what grinds our gears about it and make it better.

UI Designer | Hyper Island project