The week that gave Germany’s biggest publisher the Proof Of Concept they needed to go digital


"What's next in the field of digital education?"

- Cornelsen design thinking team


Project - 15 people worked for five months uncovering the truths of the book publisher giants future answering the question of digital education. The end of these five months was ended by a 5 day design sprint. 
The goal of the design sprint was to translate the raw material and insights from this incredible group of teachers and educational leaders into a proof of concept (POC) that would enable the company to move towards the digital era.

Challenges - Gather insights and make sure the group was included and a part of the process while on a tight deadline. Design and build a POC which took in consideration both students and teachers. Create a proper handover which the group could present and use in a way that suited them.

Outcome - The truly agile working process with my great team, Max Stralka and Adam Lindfors, got us a working coded prototype with two versions of the product - an educational tool for students and a teaching tool for teachers. The concept included functions such as grading, commenting and communicating - which were three key features digital teaching can improve.


An educational tool for students / a teaching tool for teachers