•    Designing thoughtful user experiences that are functional, intuitive and beautiful
    •    Thinking through a workflow while staying flexible
    •    Iterating details until they're just right
    •    Working without my beloved computer to let ideas flow out on paper - I love Post-Its
    •    Finding ways to bring value into my design


    •    Comfortable in a native design environment 💛 Sketch
    •    A highly motivated self-starter with a problem-solving attitude
    •    A very good communicator - I like to make things happen
    •    Hyper Island Alumni


    •    Experience designing for various of platforms such as web, mobile and big screen.
    •    Comfort engaging with my users, getting user research and integrating findings into my work
    •    The ability to dive into a project and manage it from start to finish
    •    No problem learning new things/asking for help to get the job done

👩🏼‍💻 My resume


The Background Story

I grew up in the suburbs of Gothenburg, Sweden. A very friendly neighbourhood and an amazing school. I was an outdoor kid, building tree-houses, making mud-cakes and climbing mountains - I questioned everything and always looked for adventures. I stayed curious and I use it every day in my work.

Going to high school, studying Industrial Design, I spent my time exploring methods and new perspectives. I fell in love with 3D and 2D programming. I built everything from houses to toys, I tried to find the perfect shape for the product - "Great design is how it works" -  If I made something that is understandable only by looking at it, that is pure beauty.

I got obsessed by everything connected to design and I wanted to develop my role as a designer, therefore, I continued my studies, this time, Furniture Design and Product Development, which meant handcrafting and 3D visualisation - which was perfect for training my visual eye and understanding of design.  After my studies I started working on my own as a Graphic Designer. 


Along came Hyper Island 

The school has a new way of educating people for the real world. One part of their manifesto is Real World Ready, which really plays its part. Please visit Hyper Island to get to know more about the philosophy behind the school

I've been introduced to the HI way - why Team is everything, how to learn for life, lead the change and dare to fail.
I got tossed in to the mobile world, why the user is important, who I am as a designer and how I like to work. This is where I found my role as a UX/UI Designer, which today has transitioned into a product designer role. Including business design thinking and product ownership.

I study Mobile Creative here I got to know that, asking the question Why five times, is when you really get the answer. I've been introduced to the agile way of working. Today, I know that I have a need for working with a close team - who's not avoiding asking WHY five times, having a balance between How and What while working with an agile mindset - understanding the pros of failures, (fail fast and often) and a passion for life.


Introducing my first project @ Hyper Island



I never have troubles getting passioned about the briefs, what's always the fuzz about these things?  Read it and dare to challenge the brief. I always thrive to figure out the real problem I am about to solve.



Working with mobile, I always have to focus on the user. It is not like futniture design when you have these rules and measure of how a chair should look like. The answers lies within the human behaviour. Our wants, needs, what we find value in. In mobile you start with the user. And you test. And research. 


I love this way of working. I use it when iterating on a small piece of the project or use it as a overall process. Idea Generation - Idea Evaluation - Concept Generation - Concept Evaluation.


Lean, agile, scrum... Iterative working processes has many names and twists of how to use them. If I can, I spend a lot of time researching, getting to know my users. Then I build stuff, test it, and rebuild it. In many cases, I need to start with building on my assumptions, and directly test them - it works - it is just different approaches.


Previous engagements

Viaplay AB (Now)

Nunc AB (Co-founder)


Magine TV


Vimcar GmbH



Hugo Boss



Taxi Stockholm