Project brief

To explore how we can be hyper On-demand and ensure a task to be posted, responded to, paid and performed within minutes. What conceptual solutions are critical to enable this? Mobile? Yes of course, but what critical parts and how? 

We want to explore the best conceptual tech solution to enable our service to be instant and on demand.

Our ambition is to create a completely new market to get help with things that was not seen as possible before. Open up peoples eyes and mind to outsource almost anything in their everyday life. 

- Taskrunner

What & how

After landscaping the market, figured out who was our target group and getting to know them, the next step was mapping out patterns and point out assumptions - with these - building a prototype to test as soon as possible.

What comes out of user testing is always very interesting, in this project, building prototypes and test and iterate and test again was in a constant flow, but here is a collection of the most valuable points. 

Safety is always very important, and when it comes to a service that is based on people trusting each other taking care of their daily shores, this was a huge mountain to climb - how do I know that I can trust this person? This leads to the insecurity the users tend to get, am I capable helping someone out? Is it good enough? Will I get paid? Signing missions was something interesting we found the users troubled about, every step needs to be very intuitive. The more the users see in one frame, the better. No surprises and very informative. Inspiration to use the service, showing the way of building the community that Taskrunner is aiming to be, this is very important in the on boarding process but also when using the service, what has others done? What did others think? Any tips or tricks? 

This lead to the insight that the app itself wouldn't cut it, Taskrunner needs to have a wholeness and the community lives best within the desktop version, this is where the users can feel safe, get inspired and share their experience.

 See the full presentation here

Role UX and UI designer
StretchZone Product Manager 

Autumn 2014