Product Desginer - Hyper Island alumni Based in Stockholm

@BullingJ (Twitter)


The result of a five day hack for a german school book publisher. What a hectic and fantastic week. We were three people working as the design and development team. 
We kicked of the week with a "check in/up" where we got introduced to a concept that 15 people been working on for 5 months. 

Challenges: Finding a way to visualise the ideas in a short amount of time. 
Get insights of the user and how to design a great experience for both students and teachers. 

Outcomes: The truly  agile working process with my great team, Max Stralka and Adam Lindfors, got us a working coded prototype, a design and two versions of the product.
The perfect educational tool - One version of the application for the students and one for the teachers.


See the project presentation site here: Cornelsen Hack Week. 
It's in german. And the password is 'darkhorse'