Principles & Guidelines

Agile Principiles

1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

2. Working software over comprehensive documentation

3. Costumer collaboration over contract negotiation

4. Responding change over following a plan

Do agile on your phone: Updates (its automatic in settings)

“Waste replant culture aka lean”

“We design for the unknown”
1. Small dedicated, cross-functional, anti-ninja(very good at one things so you can teach other - you’ll later become a ninja), teams

2. creating over debating (do something, talk about it after)

3. constant user research

4. small tests, build fast, learn quick

5. outcome over output



Six Usability Goals

1. Effectivness
Is it good at doing what it claims to do?

2. Efficancy
The time it takes to give you what you expect

3. Safety
“Am I destroying anything when pressing a button” etc

4. Ultility
“I’m providing the right tools for your to use med” the app says

5. Learnability
How easy it is to learn how to use the service (app)

6. Momorability
Is it easy to remember how I used it the first time when going back to the app. Does one recognise things from other apps - how they behave



Six UX Goals

1. Visibility 
Shows what you can do. Understanding what the product does without thinking to much.

2. Feedback
The right feedback is very important telling you what you have done

3. Constrains
Ex Can only copy if you have selected and marked the text you want to copy

4. Consistency 
Predictability, Intuitive whats relevant etc

5. Mapping
Quality between the link of what you want to do and what it actually does/where you should go

6. Affordance
The quality of what it does. How do people want to use it? Does it do that? Ex. Push or pull a door? If the doorknob is weird… Hard to know.


Nine UX Principles

1. Visibility of system status
Do you know if you’re connected and to what? ex wifi, bluetooth

2. Match the system & the real world

3. User control and freedom
Ask the user if they want to exit app to go o settings ex

4. Error prevention

5. Recognition rather than recall
Recognising the situation and what to do with the app is faster and easier than trying to recall what you did last time.

6. Flexibility and efficiency of use
“Grow with the app” escalators - faster ways to do stuff, shortcuts etc

7. Aesthetic & minimalistic design

8. Help and documentation
Onboarding vs info / help text, icons with labels etc

9. Consistency & standards
Be consistent and use iOS standards