User Experience The very short version


  • Psychology
    What is the users motivation to be here in the first place? What do they expect when they click this?
  • Usability 
    "Don't make me think", Could you solve this by doing something more common? Have you provided everything the user needs to know?
  • Design
    Design is how it works, when it comes to UX. Is it possible for your design to communicate the purpose and function without words? Does the design lead and help the user? Does it represent the brand?
  • Copywriting
    UX copy gets shit done as direct and simple as possible. Is it clear, direct, simple and functional?
  • Analysis
    Use data, objective facts, collect information and be sure to measure your results. How can you use analysis to make improvement?
  • User Research
    Interviews, observation, focus groups, surveys, card sorting... Google. Ask the same questions, the same way, to everyone. And be sure to document it as you go - don't rely on memory for this one.
  • Personas
    A good persona should describe the goals, expectations, motivations and behaviour of real people. 
  • Mobile First
    It makes you focus on the content and core functionality, which leads to simple, beautiful solutions.
  • Different devices
    Which powers does the device have?
  • Design Patterns
    Commonly-used solutions. A design is not necessarily good just because it's common. It has to be usable as well. Don't be lazy.
  • Information Architecture
    Architecture of understanding. IA helps the users to understand where they are, what they've found, what to expect and what's around. IA helps the client to understand what's possible. Visually mapped out.
  • Wireframes
    Technical documents which is built with lines, boxes, labels.. This is a Very Important Document that will make or break your application.