The importance of Interaction Design


As a designer I’ve been working with 3D, 2D, flat design, mapping out the flow of the user experience and so on. Working with this for about 6 years (mostly within schools) I’ve always presented my ideas with communication - and I have to admit that I believe my passion for the product is what has gotten the message through. Talking about how it moves the users, what need it meets and how the product will behave when the users interact with it.


For those with a great sense of imagination, looking at a sketch is enough. We understand how it works, or will behave. Still this is made up from our preferences. We decide these things based on what we’ve seen and used before. As a UX designer I always look for new ways of interact with the users, and of course, mboile patterns is great, it is used a lot because of serveral of reasons.


I’ll get to the point, lately I have a need to show how things move, it is not enough for me to imagine these things in my head and then try to show it somehow without actually animate them. Therefore, my goal at this moment is to master a tool that can help me communicate the way my design is acting.


Interaction design is so important, I believe that it is what seperate a good design from a great design. The challange lays within expectations. What does the users expect from what they see? What will happen if i tap it? How will if move? Too quickly and the user feel unsure, to slow and the product feels slow and laggy.


Action plan?

Well, I will look into framer. Mostly because it is perfect for details, but also because I need to figure out what the fuzz is about.