The process of creating News app today Part 1

In my current project we got a brief saying that there is a need to get the users to sign up and stay logged in within our client's news service. They gave us the freedom of treating it like a start up - how would a news app look if it was developed today?

We started out with getting to know the current news services out there, everything from Huffington Post to Omni, we looked deeper in to how they did their on boarding, see a bigger part of the list here.

We looked for patterns, deviations and possible pain points. To do this properly we had to get to know our users, the target group was 20-29yrs. Where do they get their news? It is now the old fashioned news paper, its social services, as Instagram, twitter and Facebook. What learnings can we take form these?

What did we find in todays news magazines?

Choose category
Personalise News-feed
Push notifications with breaking news
A lot of content
Messy structure
Mixture of navigations
Never ending feeds


What do the users need, want, expect?

Follow a story/topic/mood/theme
Users expect a time frame on the articles
Users expect the latest news
"Too long didn't read" 
Users want summaries
Users want relevant articles
Users expect that a smart service that gets to know them "If this than that"
Users want a visual experience
Users need to have the freedom of expressing themselves
There is a need to be able to search, sort and filter: people, tags, topics, date

We decided to go with five approaches to build and test our insights.

Pictures only - Instagram without text
Text only - Twitter without pictures
Flavoured feeds - we ask for certain things to get to know how the users would like their news served
Gamify - Receive batches when reaching levels of reading
Speed mode - sort feed by how much time you have

The overall goal here is to create a new environment for our users.