What is "Mobile Creative"?

I study the Mobile Creative program at Hyper Island. I frequently get questions what we do, and what it means. What do we do? What does it really mean? 

Well, I'll try to explain this in my own words, based on my time spent, doing what we do here.

The short description would be "We learn how to solve current and future problems with creative mobile solutions ". This involves human-centered design, user experience,  how to work with different teams, experience based learning, which is learning through reflection on doing... to explain this in a more fun but still informative way, we decided to create a video that goes through some of the core assets of the mobile creative program. It was a fun and interesting project, we got in many discussions of what the word "mobile" really means, what mobile creatives really do, and what the experience of Hyper Island is for each and one of us. In the end, for me, it is about getting a mindset that is unique for the industry that we are in. 

See the project we did and watch the video by clicking here