Two days w. Per Håkansson - A startup affair


Personal Transformation

Living in the present future - my journey towards mindfulness in a digital world.
Everything we know today about tech, humans etc is the present aka present future.
From industrial mindset to digital mindset - a new operative system We are in the implementation of a new business mindset

We are still in exploration mode - make it our own and decide on the process - try and create


“I can recommend anyone to retire as soon as possible, mentally, it is fantastic”

- Per Håkansson


“If I could start from scratch now, how would I design my life, and what is important for me?”

- You


Prototype-sessions is worth so much.

- When working with people, the time you spent together is much more productive and valuable if you interact with each other, prototyping together and building mockups of some sort is priceless.

Keywords: Collaboration, Human connection, Passion


“I am a startup with a low burn rate and long runway striving to grow and thrive.”

- Per Håkansson


Value based pricing 



Key Metrics

Perceived Value


All of that nothingness gets you time for great ideas and people


Being in a startup means to start over everyday, to reflect and think, to create something valuable for the users.

Startup mindset “how can we create a great user experience”


My initial thought//Let’s design awesome companies - that operates in a really cool way - that attract talent


Biggest fears of Johanna

To not be the designer of my own life

To not follow my itch/gut/fear/stretch-zone 

Not attracting the people I should

To loose grip of being mindful in the process/progress


Per's advice: Connect with your fears and be honest with yourself/surroundings - be curious with your fear and challenge your fear. See what happens if you step into the fear and be in it, challenge it and be mindful in the process.


***Getting to far from who I am in purpose to get things happen for other people 

- Per Håkansson’s biggest fear

Mindfullnes - Collaboration and focus on what you are doing.

- Own less than 100 things

- Travelling without any luggage for 10 days

/Stepping over to the flight going to France just as I would go down town for a drink


“Start before you’re ready”

Work for just in time, instead of just in case


Per Only Use these services to keep it his life simple:
How to live a simple life

Google drive,


Popcorn time,

"I spent my Thesis on questioning the design process in the industrial industry, I fought five years to get people around me trying different ways of working, collaborating. It took me five years to realise, that I can’t change people, so I started to surround myself with people I get inspired by. I give love and get love in return."
- Johanna Bülling