General approach to user interviews

When thinking about user interviews

Stepping into character. You are not the expert in this conversation, you are there to learn.

Make it feel like a conversation. And if something seems interesting, follow that path, even if its not a part of the plan. 

Listen and let the user tell their story, make sure you get the right mode, it should feel like a open conversation without any strict script... Even if you have certain questions that you have to go through, which I am sure you do.


Have slow reactions. It could help you get more out of the conversations. 
One way to make sure you hold your horses, is to think about what the first letter of the last word the person said in their sentence or question. This will not only make you pause and activate your listening, it will invite the person to continue talking.


Make the person you talk to feel safe and the master of their story, because they are. Set the stage by ensuring that nothing the person can say will hurt your feelings, they can't say or do anything wrong.

Start the conversation with asking about basic stuff such as work, living situation, hobbies, and then go towards more intimate questions.


Don't use industry words. It will brake your character. Use the words that the person are having a conversation with is using. One way to go about it could be if the person says "what's this?" You can answer "oh well, what would you call them?" And then you go on using the same word.