Talking about design

After reading an email I got from a colleague of mine, I did a summary of the different formats we use for talking about design.


Design walkthrough: How does the design match up with the business problems we’re trying to solve?


Can have a huge variety of audience members, the designer shows each piece of the design and explains the rational behind it, how does it solve the problem?


(!) prepare by making everyone in the walkthrough aware of the problems the design should solve. make the walkthrough about how the design solve these problems


Design review: Is this design ready for moving forward or are their still issues to resolve?


Purpose of this is to review if the design is ready to move forward, the participants bring up issues about the design, not the design itself. These issues can be listed in a design walk through before. When the review takes place the group decide wether its OK moving forward with the design or if the issues need to be fixed.


Focus on the future of the design.


Design demo: What is the user’s experience when using this design?


A good demo is driven by a scenario, user scenario. And the person giving the demo tells the story while using the design.


Design critique: What can we learn from this design we’ve created?


The geeky part, the design team and whoever is interested can join, this part is about how the design came about and what makes it work.


It is about learnings and sharing these, the designer maybe learned something about the users, about a new technique or interaction.


Focus on how the design got to where it is today.